Mission Statement


The mission of the JJ Hands Public Library is to provide quality services, resources, and lifelong learning opportunities through books and a variety of other formats to meet the informational, educational, and recreational needs and interests of the citizens of Lohrville, IA and surrounding communities.

  • Lifelong learning

  • Digital Literacy

  • Informed Decisions-Health, Wealth & Life Choices

We arrived at these topics based on the planning for results focus groups provided to the community by Bonnie McKewon in August of 2019


Goal #1: Residents of all ages will be invited to participate in library sponsored programs and events that encourage reading, viewing and listening for pleasure.

Objective 1)  Provide 2 or more events/activities each month for adults and teens in the community

Objective 2) Provide 2 or more events/activities each week for children in the community.


Goal #2:  Patrons will receive assistance on using their personal devices (tablets, eReaders, smart phones) either through one-on-one training support or through group sessions.

Objective 1) Provide technology classes quarterly to answer any questions and provide tips and tricks for personal devices.

Objective 2) Provide continuing education on cyber safety/ cyber security to encourage good online practices among patrons, quarterly.  

Objective 3)  Provide classes on social media, office productivity software, etc. to promote digital literacy in our community, quarterly. 

Goal #3:  Patrons will have access to reliable information on matters of health and wellness, as well as information on personal finances, investments, retirement, etc. 

Objective 1)  Provide opportunities to learn from experts to make more informed life decisions, programs will be held on a quarterly if not monthly basis. 



In the beginning of each fiscal year in the month of July, the Lohrville Public Library Board will evaluate the planning document to:

(a) review progress made in the past year 

(b) decide if unmet goals should be moved forward into the next year

(c) determine if new projects, programming, or service should be added


Adopted: 11/4/19